Saturday, February 25, 2006

There's No Pot Like Home

"There’s No Pot Like Home"

I saw a tiny fairy in a cooking pot
I think maybe she lives in it
Because she sleeps in there a lot
She has a tiny hair brush
And she combs her pretty hair
She puts it on the tiny table
That’s next to the teeny chair
The teeny little fairy has a teeny little bed
I think I saw the pillow
Where she lays her tiny head
I think she has a t.v. too
Plus a washing machine
I hear the funny t.v. shows
While her laundry is getting clean
Next to the couch is a teeny little lamp
And a tiny little bookshelf
And a desk with teeny stamps
The pot plays lots of music
Since I first noticed her there
I guess I peep in on her a lot...
But she doesn’t seem to care
I think I’ll call her Tina, my little fairy friend
For now I think I’ve seen enough
For now the story ends.


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